Green Foam (Palm Oil)

The adoption of palm oil extraction in polyether polyol is to replace crude oil polyether polyol, the raw materials are reusable and renewable that meets the trends for environmental preservation.

Used for footwear products and garment, upholstery, etc."   

* Various densities and colors are available      

1) The palm trees originally are grown in tropical area and are extracted the crude oil from palm trees for cooking purpose.        

2) The production process of palm plants to Bio-based Polyol is to take palm seeds from palm plants then extracted the seed oil by crushing the seeds. And the extraction of palm oil fatty acids is processed to polyol.     

3) Properties of Palm Oil-based Polyol        
 .High Hardness        
 .Well Lamination appearance        
 .High Elongation     

4) Environmental Impact: Palm oil tree’s lifecycle is 20-25 years while other vegetable oil crops have to be replanted ANNUALLY; moreover, plowing releases waste amounts of additional toxin in the environment. Therefore, palm oil is better than other vegetable crops oil for our environment.        

Sports and Footwear , Interior trims of Automotive , Toys , Others

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